Coaches Corner

WYSA regulations require that we only fill as many teams for which there are coaches. Most team limits are 8-12 kids per coach. If we do not get enough coaches this year, we will have to limit the number of registrations we accept. We hold a coaches’ clinic to prepare you for the season. Please consider coaching. No experience needed!

Coaching courses

The club will reimburse any fees

You will need to complete: Concussion Training

Y Courses - Introductory to coaching These trainings are 3 hours - on-site
Y1 class - Designed for u6-u10 coaches
Y2 class - Designed for u10-14 coaches
Y Courses Link

F License - Designed for new coaches(especially u6-u8). This class is on-line and only takes a couple of hours.
F License Link

E License - This is for coaches at all levels that want to increase their knowledge and coaching skills. This is on-site and goes over a weekend.
E License Link

Coaching Plans

U6 Coaching plans U8 Coaching plans U10 Coaching plans U12-U19 Coaching plans

Coaching Resources

MYSA Concussion Initiative

MYSA Heading Guidelines

WYSA Coaching Resources


Start Here 8 Hours for on-line training

We Need Coaches

Even if you have little experience, you can help teach the players.

We Need Volunteers

Helping with planning, concessions, tournaments.

We Need Parents

Sign up your children and come watch them play - Soccer is fun!